Love Notes

Flirting – A Lost Art?

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I remember when I was in high school and would hear someone say, “Oh, she’s such a flirt.” Hopefully they were saying it about someone else and not me! It was usually meant as a negative comment. Borderline trashy, certainly inferring promiscuous potential. They could have said, “Oh, she’s such a hussy” and it would have meant the same thing.

How sad. Flirting is wonderfully adventurous,…

Summer Love? Not.

This is the time of year my phone rings. Why? Because summer is over, the kids are back to school, vacations are completed, and singles are still single. So what can you do to move into fall with hope and determination to find that special someone? Here are 7 Tips to help you attract Mr. or Ms. Right!

1. Look in the Mirror. And I mean, really look in the mirror. What do you see? Are you…

Welcome to Love Notes

This is my first blog post under my new blog, entitled “Love Notes”. Here you will find dating tips, traps, and trials as well as relationship thoughts, ideas, and strategies. As a matchmaker and relationship coach, I’ve come across almost every scenario you can think of. I’ve learned a lot from my clients – and I’m now going to share all that with you (anonymously, of course!)

From dirty…

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