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Ann Robbins, Owner of LifeWorks Matchmaking and Central Florida’s ONLY Certified Matchmaker, is actively recruiting professional women as potential matches for her private clients. These are marriage minded professional men who are looking for their forever love. Meeting them is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Meet Certified Matchmaker Ann Robbins

Ann Robbins

Ann Robbins, Certified Professional Matchmaker

For over two decades, Ann Robbins has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their dreams and goals. An expert in Love, Life, and Relationships, and as owner of LifeWorks Matchmaking and Coaching, Ann works directly with you to help you achieve the changes you seek in your life.  Whether it’s finding love, improving a current relationship, getting a new job or career, or finally losing that extra weight, – whatever is needed to make some positive changes in life – her clients can, and do, achieve their dreams and goals by following her pathway to success.  

Her Credentials Include:

      • Certified Professional Matchmaker
      • Master Certified Relationship Coach
      • Certified Life Coach
      • Certified Career and Executive Coach
      • Professional Weight Loss Coach
      • Professional Image Consultant