Single? Tired of Being Alone?

Why Haven’t You Met Him Yet?

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Isn’t it About Time?

Have you tried to find that special someone, but just can’t seem to make it happen? You’re successful in other areas of your life. So what’s happening?

Why is it that you – someone who has so much to offer, and such great qualities – just can’t find a life partner?

I’d really like to talk to you about this in a free phone or Skype call. There is no cost or obligation, and during our time together, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s working for you, what’s not, and what to do about it. I promise.

In my many years of working with single women in helping them find (and keep) lasting love relationships, I’ve learned there are certain types of women that find it very challenging to find that special someone.

They include women who are:

    • Over 40, 50, and Beyond
    • Single Moms
    • Newly Divorced, Widowed, or Haven’t Dated in a Long Time
    • Executives or Professionals
    • Doctors, Attorneys, or Business Owners
    • Of Color
    • Overweight
    • Disabled

If you fall into one or more of these categories, I feel your pain. I was right where you are now. I was in my late 40’s and found myself what I now call, “Suddenly Single”. My husband of nearly 20 years passed away. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I’d be single again. But, there I was.

I had an executive position, was a single mom, and hadn’t dated in over 20 years! After many missteps, bad dates, disappointments and wasting precious time and money, I ultimately found love again. But, I realized later, I was one of the lucky ones. You see,  I really didn’t know what I was doing, even though at the time I thought I did. But, as I stumbled along the way, I learned what works – and what does not. Now, I want to share my proven methods with you.

I’ve worked with countless women just like you to help them through these challenging situations. Through education, research, time and experience, I’ve developed a program that works and I’m offering you the opportunity to experience it in a FREE Love and Dating Discovery Session.

You and I will talk via Skype or phone – for about 30 – 40 minutes – at no cost to you.

During that time, we will focus on your most challenging dating or relationship issue and together, we’ll work on that. Before our call, I want you to think about this: “What’s preventing you from finding that special someone? Why haven’t you met him yet? What’s getting in your way?”

Sound good? Of course. Please, contact us today!  Or, simply click the Schedule Button on the right side of the page for your free call.