Single Women Have Options!

You don’t have to go it alone. LifeWorks has services designed especially for women over 40.


Ann Robbins, founder of LifeWorks Matchmaking created this service because in her 40’s, totally unexpectedly, she found herself what she now calls, “Suddenly Single”. After nearly 20 years of happy marriage, her husband passed away. Never in her wildest imagination had she ever thought she’d be single again. Later, when she ventured out into the dating world, she was not only shocked by how much things had changed, she quickly realized she was totally unprepared.

Annie understands this is likely a difficult time for you. She knows it can be scary, frustrating, and full of disappointment. Because she’s lived this too, she created the answer for you!

Annie’s expert matchmaking and relationship coaching services have enabled her to help countless women, including those who are facing middle age, confidently solve their dating and relationship challenges.

Does this sound like you?

You don’t go to bars.  Or, you do go to bars and clubs, and the result is always the same! You’ve tried online dating and frankly, it scares you – or you’ve just not had any luck. To make it even more difficult, you may be a single mom and unable to carve out a lot of time for yourself. Or, you’re divorced or widowed after many years of marriage and just don’t know where to begin. Maybe, the relationship you thought was right, turned out to be … well, you know. Or, you continue to attract the same type of guy, only to have the relationship end in disappointment. Not to mention, you may have a full time job, too! Simply put, you’re just not meeting the right people.

If this sounds familiar, we can help! Simply  Contact us  now for a free, no-obligation conversation. Take charge of your love life! You don’t have to do it alone – together we can make something happen.

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