Love Notes

Summer Love? Not.

This is the time of year my phone rings. Why? Because summer is over, the kids are back to school, vacations are completed, and singles are still single. So what can you do to move into fall with hope and determination to find that special someone? Here are 7 Tips to help you attract Mr. or Ms. Right!

1. Look in the Mirror. And I mean, really look in the mirror. What do you see? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you hair, teeth, and nails in good shape? How will others see you? Take an objective assessment of where you are now – and then decide where you want to be.

2. Check your Wardrobe. It’s so easy to cling to old styles simply because they’re comfortable and easy. After all, they’re faithful to you right? Who else would hang out in your closet for five years? Look through a few fashion magazines and see what’s trending. Go to Macy’s or Nordstrom and see what the current styles are. Then, shop the discount stores if you need to, but at least you’ll be in style! It may be better to invest in a few good pieces that enable you to mix and match rather than buying a bunch of clothes that won’t hold up and will look cheap over time.

3. Visit a Salon. Ask the stylist for honest feedback on your hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to update! Most of us wear the same style for years and years. And ladies, if you’re over 40 or 45, consider ditching the long hair for a cute, perky and more youthful shorter style. You’d be amazed how many years will come off your face with a new do and updated makeup. You can get a free makeup makeover at any of the major department stores. Then, you can buy the makeup shades and colors they recommend at your local discount store to save money.

4. Check the Scales. Do you need to drop a few pounds? If so, when do you plan on doing that? Are you going to wait for the new year so you can say, for the 5th year in a row, this is the year I’m losing weight and getting in shape! If you’re serious about your health, and how you look (first impressions do matter) then there’s no time like now.

5. Join a Gym. If you don’t already exercise, start. Plain and simple. Most gyms are affordable and offer classes that are fun and also are a great way to meet new people. You don’t have to be a power weight lifter to enjoy a great gym experience. Treat yourself to a membership – but try before you buy. Most gyms offer a free week and they’re willing to negotiate the number of visits they’ll give you before you decide if you want to sign up. If you can’t afford a gym membership, you can always do it the old fashioned way. Get out there and walk. Or, find yoga classes on You Tube and enjoy!

6. Go to Bed! Sleep is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Sleep deprivation makes you more irritable, more forgetful, less focused, and let’s face it, when you’re tired with dark circles, you just don’t look good. Allow yourself at least 6 hours sleep each night, with a goal of 8 hours if at all possible. Try to avoid computer work and TV prior to bed. Read a good book or do some yoga stretches instead.

7. Use Positive Intention. A LOT has been written and documented about the power of positive intention. Create a love intention that states, in the present tense, exactly what you plan on having in your life. If you want marriage and children, your intention could be, “I have a loving spouse and beautiful healthy children and we live a happy and joyful life”. Write this down and put it where you can see it every day. Believe it, internalize it, and you will be amazed at what comes to you.

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