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Welcome to Love Notes

This is my first blog post under my new blog, entitled “Love Notes”. Here you will find dating tips, traps, and trials as well as relationship thoughts, ideas, and strategies. As a matchmaker and relationship coach, I’ve come across almost every scenario you can think of. I’ve learned a lot from my clients – and I’m now going to share all that with you (anonymously, of course!)

From dirty little secrets to pretty little lies, my plan is to tell it like it is.

Don’t forget, in addition to being an expert on love, I am also a coach in the areas of weight loss, image consulting, and career coaching. It all ties together. So now and then you’ll see tips and articles on healthy living, setting realistic goals for your ideal body and self image, how to take charge of your career, workplace relationship issues, and other relevant topics.

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Ann Robbins

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